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Prime Personal Training

Experienced personal trainers who truly care about your success

What We Do

At PRIME Personal Training Studio we offer a variety of services to people of all ages and fitness levels. We take pride in our ability to provide quality programming and individualized sessions to our clients. We specialize in strength training/muscle building, fat loss, injury prevention/rehab, sports specific training, nutrition coaching and lifestyle management.  We work with our clients to help them reach their goals by teaching them various strategies to implement healthy habits into their daily lives (physically and mentally).


PRIME is different than most gyms as we are a PRIVATE studio that provides clients with a positive and welcoming environment. Our goal is to make our clients feel 'at home' in our facility with each visit. At PRIME you will have the luxury of working out in a brand new, clean and bright gym with quality personal trainers who really care. We promise you will always feel comfortable in our studio and guarantee to provide you with effective workouts that will have you leaving your session sweaty, satisfied and smiling!

If you're new to PRIME, contact us now to book your first session with one of our PRIME trainers :) It's FREE!